Q1. BridgeSpans is outside of Grand Junction, Colorado; can you deliver and install in my state?
A1. Absolutely, we can deliver and install bridges in most of the western United States

Q2. Can you install a bridge in a remote location?
A2. Yes, we can install bridges in areas with no equipment and with no power. Installation costs are primarily dependent upon the method we use to transport the material to the site and the distance from a maintained road.

Q3. Can you build bridges of custom lengths and widths?
A3. Yes, it is more cost effective to go with standard sizes but we can build to suit special needs.

Q4. How long does it take to fabricate, deliver, and install a bridge?
A4. The time varies depending upon the size and location of the bridge. Plan on about 6 weeks from the order date. This gives you time to have the abutments constructed.

Q5. How much does a BridgeSpans bridge weigh?
A5. A 36’ by 4’ bridge weighs approximately one ton excluding the decking material.

Q6. What type of maintenance is required for a BridgeSpans bridge?
A6. Our bridges are virtually maintenance free. A color pigment is added to the FRP resin; therefore it never needs to be painted. We use noncorrosive stainless steel and aluminum rivets. However, we do recommend an annual visual inspection of all bridge components and connections.